The Moulton Company is a family owned and operated private equity asset management company based in Irvine, CA. Formed in 2007, The Moulton Company manages residential, commercial retail and industrial properties nationwide with most holdings located in Southern California. Some of the portfolio properties have been held in the Moulton family for over 100 years. The Moulton Ranch, predecessor to The Moulton Company, was a sheep and cattle ranch that stretched from present day Lake Forest to Dana Point and encompassed approximately 22,000 acres.

The CEO of MMB Management is Jared Mathis and the CFO is Scott T. Barnes, both great-grandsons of Lewis and Nellie Gail Moulton, founders of the Moulton Ranch. With a foundation built on agriculture starting in the 1890’s, the Moulton family is still actively farming and ranching throughout California and Oregon. Also, in the tradition of Nellie Gail Moulton, the Moulton Company supports the local community primarily though involvement with The Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD), the Laguna Playhouse/Moulton Theatre and as a member of the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce.

The Moulton Company Mission:

 “To Protect, Diversify and Grow Moulton Family Assets”

The Moulton Company Vision

“To Provide the Family the Freedom to Pursue Its Passions while Building the Moulton Legacy”